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We can offer complete solutions to our Buisness Customers
We have categorised our most popular services offered below
If you need IT Services we are your complete solution.

-Installation Consultancy - Network Analysis - Network Services -
- Virus / Spyware removal & Prevention - Wireless Services - Web & Email Services -

Installation Consultancy

We are committed to helping our clients make the most appropriate decisions to fit their requirements in all circumstances, when new IT solutions are necessary. We do this by taking the time to listen to our clients in order to gain a full and clear understanding of their business - their objectives, issues, culture and people, and only when we have all the information can we provide a considered recommendation, which in turn helps our clients make the right decisions.
From single PC Installations, right through to multiple server infrastructures, our business principles remain the same. Listen, assess, recommend and implement to the highest quality.

Our wide range of services include:

  • Structured Cabling Installations
  • Network Switch Fabric Upgrades
  • Centraly Managed Multi-Acces point Wireless Installations
  • Network Analysis Techniques & Reporting
  • Organisation and Installation of internet connectivity solutions
  • Design of LAN and multiple site WAN systems
  • Domain Hosting
  • Supply of Email Services, from single POP accounts to Multiple Exchange Mail servers
  • On site commissioning and delivery of systems
  • Single PC to Multiple server installations
  • PC and Server operating system upgrades and migrations.
  • Microsoft Product Installations, Upgrades and Migrations
  • Bespoke application installation services
  • Peripheral device installations including printers / scanners / web cams etc
  • Trouble Shooting PC, Server and Network Problems at both LAN and WAN level
  • Recovery of failed PC's and Server systems
  • Administrator training for new implementations
  • Managed on-site services
  • Remote Working
  • Telephone and Remote support services
  • Data backup solutions, To Disk, To Tape, or utilising Network attached storage.
  • Virus, spy-ware, and ad-ware detection and removal services

    Our experienced engineers are fully conversant with the following operating systems, including new system installations, upgrades or migrations, and will project manage a solution from initial site visit, to sign off after a successful implementation.
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • All Microsoft Client operating systems and client applications
  • Ranger Management Suite ( Network & Solo Versions)
  • Major Archive Backup solutions Symantec Backup Exec / Computer Associates
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 Network Analysis

In today's networking environments the ability to measure the performance of your network infrastructure is essential in effectively managing IT resources. Network outages and downtime are now considered unacceptable forcing many organisations to take a more proactive approach to identify and solve potential problems. We offer a range of services to fix a variety of networking issues:

  • Troubleshooting a particular issue on the LAN by identifying the root cause followed by recommendations to resolve or reduce the problem.

  • Health-checking a network segment(s) to offer a unique view of network functionality. Any potential problems will be reported and recommendations made for a proactive resolution.

  • Base-lining and trend analysis to see who is doing what on the wire.

Baseline information can be vital when making future business decisions whilst also giving the opportunity to optimise the current network infrastructure. All results and recommendations will be analysed and documented in a detailed report which may include optional network mapping and network documentation. Always remember, to achieve maximum performance through your server farms and PC's, your network infrastructure must be operating optimally. Contact JCC to ensure that this is always the case.
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Network Services

The design of your network or network expansion is extremely important to ensure that network performance is not affected as more devices are added. As your network performs more functions, subsequently network traffic and load levels will increase, which can result in network bottlenecks, bandwidth saturation and overall performance degradation.

As networks grow over a period of time, simply installing network points ad-hoc without fully understanding the requirements for your network growth can be a serious error. A full assessment of switch infrastructures, server and PC requirements, application loading and future proof expansion must be undertaken, to provide an optimally efficient baseline infrastructure, on which to run a client-server solution. From the initial design through to the supply and implementation of your network infrastructure, JCC can provide answers and solutions that will fit your individual specifications.

Our team of consultants and installation engineers are capable of installing all categories of copper Category 5e and Category 6 specifications within structured cabling environments, and additionally provide structured fibre optic solutions for quality distance and external usage implementations. All materials are of the highest quality, from cabinets to patch panels, cabling to termination modules, utilising Excel products for a guaranteed sustainable infrastructure.
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Virus / Spyware Prevention & Removal

Anti-Virus Protection
Every business and organisation is aware of the threats caused by viruses, with a whole multitude of possible technical problems and possible system downtime that can be caused. The significant majority of viruses enter a site by either external transportation such as email, or by internal infection by users. Either way, it is imperative to provide protection at pre-determined levels, such as real-time scanning of documents and files at workstation and server file level, and additionally (and more importantly) a product which will scan incoming emails and quarantine infections once found. JCC utilises varying anti-virus products, such as Sophos, and Kaspersky to provide this critical protection.

Mal-Ware Protection
Spyware (sometimes called malware) is unwanted software which may be installed on your computer without your knowledge. It may perform actions such as redirecting your web browser's search page or adding 'helpful' toolbars which track your activities on the internet, or more insidious behaviour such as key-logging to steal confidential information. Not all spyware can be detected by antivirus software so there exists a different type of cleansing application to provide this protection.

Anti-Spam Protection
An anti-spam filter operates to effectively detect spam messages, analyzing headers, content and third party lists. Spam messages can be forwarded to a junk mail folder, quarantined or deleted and can include a header or tag. Quarantined mails can be viewed from a program or via the web on some products. Specific products include an advanced challenge/response system and allows users to update white lists and black lists via public folders and mailboxes. By blocking unwanted emails, this can result in a reduction of network traffic, saves bandwidth and improves employee productivity. JCC utilises varying products dependent upon site configurations, please contact us for further information.

Below are details of some of the specialist services we offer in this area:

  • Clean & Removal Services, if your system is already infected.
  • Full scan detection if an infection is suspected
  • Removal of Spyware, Ad-Ware, browser hijackers and other scripted infections
  • Recommendations based on individual client, for best method of protection for individual PC, workgroup, or Domain level workstations, servers and mail servers
  • Automatic definition update configurations cross site.
  • Regular site assessments to analyse and prevent new infection types Installation of reliable and comprehensive anti-spam products
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Wireless Services
We offer a range of Wireless Networking solutions to meet the increasingly diverse demand for wireless LANs. We can tailor a solution to your unique requirements and ensure the efficient and secure deployment of your wireless network within your budget.

 Below are details of some of the specialist services we offer in this area.

  • "Free" site survey with recommendations
  • Internal and 'point to point' wireless surveys during site survey period
  • Analysis of antennae requirements and mounting issues
  • Analysis of working methodologies, and appropriate solutions.
  • Vast experience of 802.11a/b/g standards and the latest 802.11n specifications
  • Supply of Power over Ethernet Switches based on survey requirements
  • Installation of fixed Cat 5e/6 cabling or OM1-3 Fiber to support the wireless configuration

Working with some of the worlds leading wireless vendors, and providing Cisco, Netgear, Miraki and TP-Link products, We can recommend a comprehensive solution that will work for you.
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Web & Email Services
We can provide tailored email solutions for a wide range of uses. From a single PC utilising an IMAP, POP or Microsoft Exchange account, to multiple site SMTP feed email distribution for numerous clients. With such diverse requirements for both fixed as remote email access, flexibility and adaptability are essential within this area.
  • Internet Domain Hosting facilities for your domain name
  • Domain Webmail Access Facilities and Management
  • Hosted IMAP or Exchange mailboxes for organisations
  • Option for onsite Installation of Microsoft Exchange server with email / Calendar / Contact / Task and Web Access Solutions built upon customer requirements
  • We can organise domain name registration / hosting / mail forwarding and any other requirements for any client, all you need to do is ask!

Additionally, we can provide the relevant firewall solution to secure your network from external intrusion, any network router to provide both internet connectivity as also VPN profiles for site to site or remote dial in, and anti-virus (server and client), anti-spam and anti-spyware products. See our Anti-Virus & Spyware prevention Section for more details.


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